Door Alarm Doorstop

Door Alarm Doorstop is perfect for your home or staying in motels

Door Alarm is the perfect safety device for your home or while staying in motels
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Door Alarm Doorstop
The door alarm doorstop is perfect for your home or staying in motels

Door Alarm Doorstop

Unique new door alarm doorstop is designed in the shape of a 7" long door stop. Set behind any door and when door is opened it gives off a loud shrill pulsating alarm that scares away intruders instantly. Door Alarm gives great protection for home, office, or motel room when traveling. Completely self contained. Easy to carry and to test. Works on two standard AA batteries, included. Individually boxed with instructions.

Door Alarm DoorStop
Retail Shop Price: $29.95
Our Price: $9.95


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